#FreakyFriday at Sallie House with livescifi.tv

livescifi.tv will broadcast again!

Its still hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the Pickman’s were hacked up on sightings and Les felt something cold touch his hand. Sallie house has really come a long ways. Lets talk about the future of Sallie house, livescifi.tv will be streaming live form the house for 48 hours on Feb 26-27

Here is a screen shout from the last livescifi.tv back in 2012 they have 250K suscribers to youtube

sallie house cam livescifi.tv
2012 Livescifi.tv broadcast from the Sallie house






Tune in online it should be a hair rasing experience. According to the Atchison chamber of commerce this event really creates some buzz and excitement about the Sallie house. That was four years ago this investigation should be that much more exciting! The equipment and upload abilities should have really been improved since 2012.

Here is liviscifi.tv livescifi.tv on youtube description of the event.

“The Sallie House in Atchison Kansas, is known as one of the most dangerous demonic hauntings in the US. Tim, Scott, Patrick, Kierran, and Kriston investigate this demon house live, and will conduct extreme paranormal experiments in hopes of further documenting ghost and demonic activity caught on tape. Some of the experiments that will be performed on this show have never been attempted before, what will happen? Tune in and find out!”


Here is a quote from livescifi.tv ‘s Facebook about this event

“LIVE paranormal ghost hunt broadcast, from one of the worlds most haunted houses the Sallie House. This will be a live 48 hour live event broadcast!! Some of the tools the team will use to document paranormal activity are the Ovilius, Ganzfeld, Ouija, Ghost Box, EVP, and many more…what will the team encounter…find out!

Types of Paranormal Activity that have been reported at this location include, poltergeist (ghost moving objects), demonic scratches and scratching, evp (ghost voices), physical contact (ghost punching, pushing), dark shadows, ghostly mists, and disembodied voices. The demon beelzebub is also reported to manifest at this location.

This will be a live interactive event, to get the latest updates regarding the show and to use our free chat, and additional camera views please visit http://youtube.com/livescifidottv.”


Don’t miss out!






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