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THE SALLIE HOUSE: The Most Haunted House In America – FEATURE 

The Most Haunted House In America! Ufotv takes a comprehensive look at the Sallie house. Discussing the activity in the haunted Sallie house. The film covers all the sightings visits. Thorough interviews with Tony and Deborah Pickman. Also included included are new accounts of Sallie from Les Smith and Joe Butner. At 38:00 the the retired officers discuss spooky events from the Sallie house including fluttering papers and vevehicle lights turning off!

This is the description on youtube.

“Join an elite team of Paranormal Investigators as they embark upon the most haunted house in America. In 1906 a legend was born in Atchison, Kansas in what is now known as the Sallie House, the home of the towns doctor at the time. A young girl died in excruciating pain during an emergency operation without anesthetic and now forever haunts this accursed dwelling.”

Here is a link to America Haunts, who did an excellent blog on the Sallie house and Atchison, below you can find a snip it.

“Holy crap! That cut required stitches?! Even IF it was faked, that’s a hell of a long way to go to fake out a 90’s investigative program. People have been shoved, there have been reports of multiple voices in one conversation… Yeah, this place is haunted.”

Also don’t forget to tune in to livescifi.tv for the 48 hour live stream coming up on Friday the 26th .

“The Sallie House in Atchison Kansas is known as one of the most haunted places in America.  Starting Friday February 26th – Sunday February 28th livescifi.tv invites you to watch, and interact with our ghost hunters on location for a live paranormal, ghost hunt broadcast.
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